C4 Generation Stories

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  • As long as She's Black......

    Jim Zaccherio

    It was the rich kid in class!!! He made me Do it!!! He made me fall in love with the C4 Corvette!!!

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  • Son Buys Corvette for His Dad

    Jason Woods

    I know he would have approved of this purchase and he would love this car!

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  • Finally Got My Dream 1996 Grand Sport

    Stephen Savic

    I owned the 96 CE for a long time, all the while still coveting the 96 Grand Sport.

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  • From Dreams to Reality

    Giorgio Cisilino

    After owning a 1970 Datsun 1200, to a Mustang, to a couple of Camaros, I finally found my dream car.

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  • Long Term Love Affair

    Robert Bleckinger

    Owning a Corvette is definitely choosing a lifestyle, and that lifestyle is bound to include adventures.

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  • Corvettes Owned 1967 to 2018

    Robert Rutkowski

    When I got out of Air Force active duty in 1966, I bought my first Vette, a 1967 Lyndale Blue roadster with the 327/350.

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  • Woody '87

    Max Higgins

    My Dad's '87 Is Back

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  • My Corvette Addiction

    River Bergstrom

    Corvette heaven....life is good

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