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Son Buys Corvette for His Dad

Jason Woods

My father passed away 2 years ago this august 15th. He left me his truck, a 2011 Silverado extended cab shortbox, 2wd truck with only 35,000 miles and the 6.2 motor and 6 speed automatic transmission...this baby will scoot! I totaled it out after accidentally hitting a tree after an ice storm.

Weeks later, on the way home from picking up a friend, I asked him if his grandpa wanted to sell their C3 Corvette. his answer was yes, for $4500 but it was out of my reach. My mom proceeded to tell us about how dad had always wanted to own a Corvette. Another friend called a week later, said his buddy has a 1986 Corvette and was asking $3500. I looked at it and determined the transmission was bad and offered him $2200. We settled at $2500.

The Corvette is even Bright Red like the wrecked Silverado dad left me. It wasn't until I visited his grave at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery on Interstate 80 here in Iowa, on Memorial Day that I told him about the truck and apologized for wrecking his pride and joy, before explaining to him that I bought him a Corvette. I miss my father very much. I know he would have approved of this purchase and he would love this car! Every time I am in it, I feel like he is with me.

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