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As long as She's Black......

Jim Zaccherio

It was the rich kid in class!!! He made me Do it!!! He made me fall in love with the C4 Corvette!!!

In my Junior year he first drove to school in a new 1983 Red Camaro Z-28.....pretty cool ride we all thought.....but it wasn't until the following year that he Thundered into the High School parking lot with what we all thought was a spaceship....a Red 1984 C4 Corvette with the Targa roof removed. Wow!!!! Back then in 1984 owning one was a far dream for me that was for sure!!!!

It wasn't until 20 years later that the dream of owning a Corvette was realized!!! Over the course of that 20 years I saw the Corvette change.... two Generations and each of their subtle changes within..... But with all the inter-generation design changes...all of the Generation changes and color combinations.....It was the Mid Generation C4 that I was drawn too.....and particularly in BLACK!!!

In early June 2004 ....the search was on. I made a pact with myself....First I would get an 86 or 87 but more importantly.....I would only look for one in BLACK...for that is what I REALLY WANTED!! It wasn't long until I located my baby.....a gorgeous, well cared for Black 1987 Coupe....After a 10 second test ride...I knew She was mine!!! I told the owner as gorgeous as She was...She would be restored new and become a show car......He was glad!!!

Over the course of 13 years She has indeed been restored....with many many Parts provided by Mid America Motorworks. Perhaps her most significant attribute..... A thin, laser blue pinstripe.... To me it captures and enhances the gorgeous lines of the C4!!! Today My 12 year old son smiles when I say I will NEVER sell her knowing that someday she will be his!!!

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