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  • As long as She's Black......

    Jim Zaccherio

    It was the rich kid in class!!! He made me Do it!!! He made me fall in love with the C4 Corvette!!!

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  • Daily Driver C5

    Jo Rae and George Perkins

    We didn't see her coming.....

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  • Shared Stories Unite Corvette Enthusiasts

    Joe Hogerty

    Corvette Passion Started With A Late 60s Sting Ray

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  • She Is Back Home

    Joe Long

    Driving her back to Florida and parking her in our garage was and will be the highlight of 2019 for us.

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  • Same But Different

    Joe Guerriero

    I started the search for my next Corvette. It took a while, but I finally found the exact car I had wanted.

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  • My 1982 C3 Collector Special Edition

    Joe Gregorio

    C3 Collector Edition garage find.

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  • My Corvette Passion Started At An Early Age

    Joe Mascolo

    I have loved Corvettes ever since I was three! It all started with a 1961 Corvette that my Uncle Norm bought used in the later part of 1962. He used to take me for rides in the Corvette. I will never forget those rides and I have loved Corvettes ever since!

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  • I am One of Those Stock Corvette Guys

    Joe Shotwell

    I saw an ad in our Sunday paper and the description Flame Red/Flame Red interior all original, original owner caught my attention.

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