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MY Little Red Vette

Tim Deal

I started Loving Corvettes in the late 1970s, working part-time in a body shop where my roommate at the time worked. They had a 1964 coupe that I got for $800.00 dollars. It had no motor or transmission and the body was in bad shape. After about 5 years of restoration and a daily driver, I sold the car and got a house and had a family. In the back of my mind, I always wanted another Corvette,

In the 1980s, I found a 1971 Corvette in about the same shape that the 1964 had been. So the restoration process started again. I had the 1971 for about 10 years, then once again sold it. This time for a 1999 Corvette. I loved the car, but it was not a classic. I traded that car for another 1964 coupe project, so now I have gone full circle.

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