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My Love of the American Sports Car

Thomas Tallman

I am 63 and retired, but I purchased my first Corvette when I was twenty-two years old. It was a Maroon 1969 427/390hp four speed white convertible with both tops. That is when the love affair began. I fell in love with that car and the feeling I got when I was behind the wheel. I have been a car guy since I was fifteen years old. After the 1969 Corvette, I purchased a 1971 Corvette. Like many of us I got married and the Corvette just didn't fit into the family lifestyle.

Today, I own a low mileage 1992 Black Corvette convertible, which my wife and I have entered into Bloomington Gold event this June in Indianapolis. In 2014, I also purchased a barn find 1984 Corvette which we are presently having restored. In May, I was at the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis where a mutual friend who happened to be at the event introduced my wife and I to a young man. This gentleman told me about a fully restored 1994 Red Corvette which was restored last year. We went and checked out this Corvette. It was a wow factor car! I purchased it on site without any hesitation. I saw the documentation of the restoration and I knew that the asking price was more than fair. So we now have 3 C4's but let me just say this, we also own a 2010 Mustang GT that we have converted into an Eleanor Stang. I also just purchased another barn find 1968 Mustang which we will restore. This just shows you my wife and I are Car Crazy Guy & Gal. I love my Corvettes and my Mustangs.

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