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My Original Corvette

Salvatore Gurriero

I first saw a Corvette in 1953 and fell in love with it, but I was too young to buy one at the time. After I was married in 1963, I bought a new Corvette coupe. That was 300,000 miles ago!

It was a daily driver from the day I bought it until 1988. It is a matching numbers Corvette with original paint. The only change in the inside is new seat covers. I replaced the valve seats on the original engine and now I drive it when the weather is good and for shows and cruises, still bringing home trophies as my survivor car.

My Corvette has been on at least 10 race tracks in the U.S. There is nothing like driving a Corvette, no matter what year it is. I have been offered good money for my car, but I’ll never sell it. It’s part of me; I put the first mile on it and all the rest. I still have it and drive it at least 4 days a week, weather allowing. That’s my story!

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