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The Original Corvette and I were born in the same year 1953

Larry McNeely

In the 1990s I decided I wanted a Vintage Corvette. I had a young family and finances were tight. Driving home from work one day a saw a 1967 Mustang GT next to me and it had a for sale sign. I waved the guy over and bought the car. I felt this would be a stepping stone to a Corvette.

After 25 years I finally decided to get my Corvette. On eBay I saw a 1971, which I bid on and won. The seller did not provide any information about the car, STRANGE. After purchasing it I was doing a web search as found a story about a 1971 Corvette with 1/2 million miles, as it turns out, it was my car. Every time I stared it, something else broke. I ended up replacing the engine with a High Performance 383 stroker ( I kept the original engine) I plan on driving this car so I only wanted it to be dependable. I only hope to add another 1/2 million miles.

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