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Corvette Love

Kraig Staples

I started loving Corvettes as the child of a GM executive living in the Detroit area in the mid-60s. My dad would bring home Corvettes on the weekend for us to drive around. Don Garlits lived just up the street and it was always exciting when he brought a car to the neighborhood. I had a blue 1980 my last year in college and bought an Ontario Orange 1972 a few years after.

Fast forward to today. My dad gave me a 1980 Corvette before he passed away in 2010. It currently has just a little over 20k miles on it. I also have a 1986 Pace Car Edition Corvette and bought a 1965 convertible with a 396 a couple years ago. Corvettes have always been my favorites and will continue to be. Mid-60s Corvettes give me fantastic memories of my dad every day.

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