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Our American Idle II / 1991 Corvette Roadster

Karl Engel

My wife Eileen and I have always admired the design of the fourth generation Corvette. Our last C4 was Arctic White 1994 LT1, which was lost to the East Coast super storm "Sandy." It was our Pride and Joy, and only two months prior to that major history-making Northeaster, we enjoyed our summers cruising to area shows/events.

The C4 was unique, with Torch Red interior and various Gold trim badges, exhaust tips and underhood spray chrome Gold accessories. Two years have passed and we really missed attending those local Corvette events.

One day, my wife and I were passing through a small New Jersey town where we spotted our American Idle II - a bright red C4 convertible with red and black interior. Knowing the “He who hesitates is lost” theory, we made a fast decision to purchase our new Pride and Joy, and take it back to its new home in our garage. We have started to enjoy our 1991 Roadster as much as our 1994 LTl.

Last summer went by quickly, but we managed to get back into the fun of owning another 4th Generation Corvette! I have also included pictures of my 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup. There were only 5200 produced (back end was fiberglass). This vehicle has ties with Corvette and was displayed at the 1955 Motorama and designed by GM Designers, Chuck Jordan and Harley Earl.

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