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My 40 Year Old Corvette Story

John Wimett

The first time I met Mike Yager was in 1976 at the Bicentennial Corvette Show and Shine in Missoula, Montana. I was just a young lad with my 1972 Corvette purchased two years before. This was my first Corvette show. A group of us from Eastern Washington met up with a bunch of Corvette friends from Lewiston, Idaho and made the road trip to Missoula. There must have been 30 Corvettes total on that road trip! 

The first day there I went to the swap meet looking for parts for my car and there was this young guy, looked like a recent college grad standing in front of a pea green late sixties/early seventies Ford van at a Corvette swap meet! I thought, “Ok, this guy is brave!” It turned out he was very friendly and knowledgeable about Corvettes! He was standing behind two tables of neatly arranged and packaged parts. Some NOS and some were parts that were manufactured just for this new business he had created with a vision to supply the highest quality parts available for the Corvette enthusiast. This new business was called “Mid America Enterprises.”

I still have my one and only 1972 Corvette, with many parts supplied by Mid America Motorworks over the years and Mike has a museum full of Corvettes! This is truly an example of living the “American Dream."

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