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John Voss

I turned 16 in 1979. I came from a very loving family, but we barely made ends meet, so a dream like owning a Corvette at the time was really just that: a dream. It was on my 16th birthday that I decided that I would someday own a Corvette.


I joined the military in 1983 and soon after that got married and had children. My Corvette dream kept getting more urgent, but still remained a dream. In 1990 I was medically discharged from the military due to injuries received while in Iraq. That's when I realized I would NEVER have a Corvette of my own to drive. So we fast forward to April 2, 2015. I was driving down the road (oh yes, I can drive again!) when I saw a beautiful Corvette for sale.


I pulled over and got out to look this beauty of a car over and simply was in awe of its material condition. When the salesman asked if I needed help, I asked the painful question: how much? I almost fainted when he told me. I had to ask him to repeat it three times before $3,500.00 actually registered. I immediately called my wife and told her about the car and what we were about to do. With her support I now FINALLY have a Corvette to call my own. I ran two tanks of gas through it in just 24 hours. To look at this car, one would think it has always been housed undercover and the inside is almost just as good with the seat covers needing to be replaced.


What I have found to be wrong so far is the radio receives won't power on. The cigarette lighter doesn't work. The heat and air control panel doesn't work, and the cargo lights under the hood don't work. Even with these problems I am here to say I still have the perfect car because I can say I FINALLY HAVE THE CAR OF MY DREAMS!

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