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Then, Now, and Probably Forever

Gil Lambert

I was 17 years old, in the Navy, sent to key west Fla. when back home in NH. I bought a 56 Corvette, Painted it Blue with gold metal-flake blown in, Black with gold metal-flake coves and a white convertible top, drove it back to Key west and was there for about 14 months, put a new clutch in at the Naval Base. Traded it in for a Brand new 63 split window, drove it home to NH. and back in the winter, didn't like it, it was too big, back to the dealer and got my 56 back..have had many others since then, recently sold my 60, and acquired a C5 anniversary edition with 20k miles on it, maybe keep it for another 15 years or so, but at 74 years old, who knows....

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