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My First Corvette and Wow!

Ed Fichter

I have always been a muscle car enthusiast. I was driving home one day from work and I spotted this 1996 Corvette Collectors Edition out of the corner of my eye. The car was being sold at a dealer who specialized with older and newer Corvettes; what beautiful cars this gentleman had and still has. We started talking, and the more I saw this Corvette, and the condition it was in, I just had to drive it. I must say, what a purchase! The rest is history. This car only has 19,215 miles; when I purchased the vehicle, it had 18,286. The car was owned by a gentleman who had taken unbelievable care of this car. It turns heads for sure due to the condition. And man is it fun to drive. I have kept up the tradition of care for this vehicle as it is spotless inside and out. The 300HP LT1 engine is plenty and the 40 rear and 45 front tires, plus the added suspension features, let this car handle like a dream. The car has some special features as it was the last year of the C4 and it being a Collectors Edition. The silver paint and grey leather interior are perfect together. Plus, the Bose stereo works great and I can listen to my old RR while cruising. This car was a great purchase and SO much fun to drive. I am sure I will have many good memories and times with this vehicle. I am now a CORVETTE ENTHUSIAST FOR LIFE!

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