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My Lovely Linda Sue

Donald Steinhauer

My wife and I had planned on buying our first Corvette early in 2016 so we could take trips to visit grandkids and other family. Several times I came into the living room and found Linda on her little laptop looking at this black Corvette. Her mind was made up, this was the Vette she wanted.

That all changed on July 12th 2016 at 2:20 am. A fire started at our home and I was only able to get Lin out before our house was gone. We lost everything. My wife was badly burned on her left arm and back. We lost our beloved rescue dogs, Gracie Sue and Rose Bud.  They were our babies. Thirty-three days later, I lost my wife Linda Sue from her injuries.

She had always wanted a Corvette. To honor her memory, I bought the Corvette she had been eyeing. At first, it was difficult to enjoy owning one of our dreams, because it brought back so many memories and hurt so bad. But with the support of our family, I am customizing the Corvette the way she would have wanted.

This is my Susie.

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