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Our Work In Progress

Don Burroughs

I've owned several Corvettes: a Yellow 1968, a Metallic Brown Turbo 1979, and now a Triple Black 2004 Convertible. In 2009, my company had me working away for the entire year. During my time away, I kept emailing my wife pictures of Corvettes, asking her what she thought of this one or that one.

Well, in September of 2010 I came home for a long weekend. As we were heading home, she casually said, “I think your Corvette just arrived at the Porsche-Audi dealer in town. Want to take a look?”

Of course I did! When I saw it, I knew I wanted it! Only 9,300 miles, but they wanted way more than I wanted to spend. She told me to wait till October and make an offer if it was still there. October arrived and the car was still there. I got my price and my car, which is in a continual work in progress!

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