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A Corvette Couple

Debbie Palmer

My husband, Brian, and I live in Wentworth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Shortly after we were married in 1980, Brian showed me a Corvette. I probably had seen one before, but really did not remember.

Five years later, we bought a 1969 Black Auto 427. We kept the Corvette for three years and sold it because it needed frame work. A year later, in 1990, we bought a custom 1980 350 auto. We later found out it had been built as a promotional vehicle for Gabriel Shocks of Canada.

In 1991, we joined the local Corvette Club. As our daughters got older, we wanted them to be able to go with us to all the club events. So, we started looking for another Corvette. In August 1992, we took the girls to a Corvette Convention in Niagara Falls in a 1990 Sunbird.

We decided to never attend another Corvette function unless in a Corvette. On the way home, we picked up a Corvette Auto Trader in Maine. About 3 days later Brian said, "I found it". It turned out to be a 1971 454 four speed with factory air. The car was in Pulaski, Tennessee. Brian bought me a ticket to Nashville. I looked the car over and took it for a test drive. I knew it was everything Brian wanted. I then drove it 2,000 miles home. It took me three days.

That year Brian became club President. I became secretary/treasurer the next year and held that position for twenty years. Back then the club was down to twenty members and we now have over eighty. In 1998, we bought a 1985 Corvette which we use for slalom racing. Since 1996, I have organized several club trips to Corvettes of Carlisle and one to Mid America's Funfest in 2007 where our friend Betty-Mae Madden got an award on Saturday.

In 2008, we purchased a 2003 yellow ZO6 bringing our collection to four. Our most recent purchase was a 1967 Silver and Black Corvette with a 427, which was a Celebrity Pick at Corvettes of Carlisle in 2013. We also have over 300 Corvette models of various sizes and several books, posters, etc.

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