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Barn Find

David McCarley

On April 1, 2015, I was just browsing the net and I wasn't really looking for anything in particular. I just started to look at Facebook and there it was for sale: an all original 1973 Corvette with 350-4bbl, auto, T-top, and only 62,000 miles listed for $5700. I thought this was an April Fools’ joke!

There were more than 20 comments on the picture and they were throwing it around to others. I commented on the picture and found out that no one was making any offers, so I sent the person a private message and made offer! I really didn’t expect anyone to respond, but then after a couple hours they responded and made me an offer that I could not refuse.

After getting the address, I grabbed some money and I was at their house with cash in hand! The woman was very nice and told me that her husband started to take the Corvette car apart to redo it, but in the middle of it, he had a major heart attack. He could not work on it anymore and it has been like this since 1998; in the barn sitting patiently for someone to restore her. It is in good hands now and will be restored to its original factory looks.

When I came home, my wife said, "No more toys.” I reminded her that I only have a 1972 Camaro, a 1963 Dodge Panel, a 1956 Chevy truck, 10' tall Monster Durango, 1989 Harley and 1970 Honda 750cc Chopper....just fun stuff!

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