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How This 2015 Pace Car Was Born

Dave Noble

We are Indy 500 enthusiasts! On May 26, 2013, we attended the Indy 500 and saw a car like this one pace the track. The Laguna Blue Color with the Carbon Graphite Top and Split spoke wheels attracted my wife’s attention. The price for these options was high, so I thought maybe in a few years I could find a car with all the right options and make it into a Pace Car. I’ve searched ever since then and found no cars with all the correct options.

Over the last 2 years, several of our younger friends have unfortunately passed away. I told my wife that we might not have a chance to own a car like this unless we take action. I suggested that we give up our overseas travel and just face the $30,000.00 depreciation over the next 3 years to buy a Corvette with all the right stuff in a 2014 model. Then I heard that the new 2015 was to have an 8 speed automatic.

We decided to wait for that and ordered this car without even knowing the price! We put our order in 4 months before Chevrolet was taking orders. There was talk of not being able to get the 8 speed; there was talk about not being able to get the Carbon Graphite top. I told our dealer that I would not accept any car without all the correct options, even if I had to wait until 2016.

As it turned out our, manufacture of car began on the first day of production and finished on Aug. 12, 2014. Then we had to wait 30 agonizing days for the dealer to receive the car. We got the car on Sept. 12 and on Sept 14, we drove it to Indianapolis for strobe lights installation. Waymire, who specializes in Police, Ambulance and Pace Car strobe lights, did the installation. While the car was at Waymire’s, we ordered the Graphics online. The Graphics are very close to the size and detail to match the original Pace Car. We drove the car home on Sept 19th, racking up its first 1100 miles.

We enjoy sharing our experiences with others and will traveling the USA in our Chevrolet, instead of traveling overseas. We figure that the savings of no overseas travel will fund the depreciation of the car over the next few years. One note for new Corvette buyers: Want a brag book of your Corvette being built? Call the National Corvette Museum as soon as your VIN number is available. For a fee, they will take professional photos on the assembly of your car. Most dealers do not know that this option is available only through the NCM.

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