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MY Favorite Boys/Toys

Danielle Scott

My father owned a 1973 Corvette Stingray and a 1998 Corvette. He loved those cars. After losing a 13-year battle with cancer caused by his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, the Corvettes have been passed on. His oldest son drives the 1973, and I his oldest daughter (that’s me) drives the 1998. I have named her Kitty, because dad always use to say "she purrs like a kitten."

Recently I met the man of my dreams, and what does he drive? A 2008 Corvette! Of course these cars are fun to drive, but for us, it's about being part of a family. Remembrance; honor; and carrying on a legacy. The 1973 is green, the 1998 is white, and the 2008 is blue. Go Hawks!

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