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The Great "Black" Shark

Daniel Skopp

My name is Dan Skopp. I bought my first Corvette in 2007; a white 1981 "Great White Shark".

I joined a local Corvette Club and have made a lot of friends. During club functions, a beautiful, black C5 would always catch my attention. Over the years, I became friends with the owners of the C5.

As the years went along, I enjoyed my 1981 and went to my first Corvette Funfest in September of 2008. I became friends with Mike Yager and his family and the whole crew at Mid America Motorworks.

I became aware that the owners of the C5 wanted to sell their car and I told them that I wanted it. I am the fourth owner. The first owner had it for a month, the second owner had it for 5 years, the third owner had it for 10 years, and I got it in April of 2016.

What a difference between the C3 and the C5! The 1981 still remains in the family (my daughter drives it now). The Black on Black 1998 has a stock engine and stock interior but has a special paint scheme. "She" manages to catch the eye of most attendees at car shows.

I have the build sheet and the window sticker to show the information about the car. I plan to have the 1998 C5 a good long time!

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