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A New Corvette At 29

Daniel Beaudry

My premiere Corvette that I had in 1969 was a 427,435 hp. I kept it 5 years or so. Then I bought a new 1986 Corvette when I was 29. She cost me $ 28,000. I store her in my garage, rebuilt.


NOTE: This story was submitted in French. We translated to the best of our ability. The original submission is as follows:

jai achete une corvette 1986 neuf ca fais 29 ans le 17 mai

bonjour ma promiere corvette que jai eu une 1969 coupe 427 435 hp je les garde 5 ans et ou bout de quelque anne jai achete une neuf 1986 coupe elle ma goute $28.000 je les dans mon garage depuit

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