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The no. 8 Corvette is the Best Of All

Chip Howard

In my early twenties, I bought a 1969 Convertible 4 speed with 350 horsepower and two tops. It did not last long with teenager behind wheel, and soon after I purchased a 1975 Monte Carlo. I kept this car for two years before trading for a sharp-looking triple black 1977 Monte Carlo. When this car was hit by drunk driver, I sold it to a body shop and purchased a 1975 Corvette that was being sold by a guy who had recently bought a 1978 pace car. From then on I always owned Corvettes. My second Corvette was a 1984 coupe, which I stripped all the paint from and had a friend repaint black with clear coat. Next up was a 1988 dark red metallic Corvette, followed by a 1993 model with 15,000 miles that I purchased for my wife. The next Corvette I purchased was a 2001 with pewter paint, a light oak interior, Z06 chrome wheels and Billy Boat exhaust. My next Corvette was bought in Rhode Island - a 2003 spiral gray convertible with silver interior, black top and 26,000 miles. After selling the 2003 Convertible, I bought another Corvette from Rhode Island. This time it was a 2005 with deep red paint, tan interior, 17,000 miles and all the options. I then sold both the 2001 and 2005 and ordered a new 2015 Stingray with Laguna Blue paint, gray interior, chrome wheels, 2 tops and an adjustable exhaust. This is the best Corvette I’ve had so far and it may be my last for a long time.

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