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Corvette in Amsterdam

Arjen Kersten

Born in 1963, I was 16 years old and living in Amsterdam. I cycled (everybody cycles in Holland) to school and there she stood parked by the side of the road: a 1972 Corvette Stingray. I can tell you, this was (and is) a very rare sighting in this place. I remember that I stopped and walked around it 4 times to have a look at it from all sides. It was awesome; never ever saw anything quite like it. On the middle console it had a little plate mounted on it saying: ‘This Corvette was especially made for Elizabeth Taylor’. No idea if this was true but it was very impressive. Since then, the Corvette hobby started for me. It started out with some scale models and the desire to one-day own one in real size grew. Earning only workman’s wages saving up the money went very slow. After my first relationship ended I worked a lot of hours and took on extra jobs doing installation work at people’s homes and finally after three years I had enough money saved up to have my first choice of Corvette being found in Arizona and shipped to Holland: a yellow LT1 1972 Corvette Stingray. I would have liked it to be Elkhart green but there was none available as far as the company that went and searched one for me could tell. It used to be that color but someone had turned it into bright yellow. By the time the LT1 arrived in a container in the Rotterdam harbor I had a new girlfriend. She was with me when for the first time I went and sat in my very own Corvette. That moment was indescribable! After clearance and all the paperwork done I could take the Corvette home with me. I already bought a garage earlier for this purpose, that one day it would house a Corvette. I had the LT1 for quite some time, unfortunately it turned out to be a pretty bad car. We had a lot of bad luck with it. Six years ago I traded it in for a navy blue 2001 Corvette. My then girlfriend is now my wife and she’s caught by the Corvette fever too. We have both been in the Board of the largest Dutch Corvette Club for 11 years and are still active club members. We love to go abroad every year and have been to Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Luxemburg and United Kingdom with our Corvette. We’ve visited Corvettes in Carlisle and the Museum in Bowling Green. Last year (2015) we joined the New Jersey Corvette Caravan from Carlisle to Bowling Green, best experience ever!

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