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Corvette is a State of Mind

Aldo Rosingana

I always had a love of cars, and a major love affair with Corvettes. I had some great 60's car but having a family, no true sport cars. Fast forward life and the kids are gone, college paid for and retirement starts. This brings on new worries; will finances hold, can we travel and enjoy the golden years. We did but one day I told my best friend of 56 years that I still had a love affair with a Corvette. The conversation ended by my wife saying you better get one before you are not able to get in or out of one.

Two days later we bought a 1988 Red Convertible. It was in super shape and the price was way more than we should of paid, this was in November of 2016. I am 73 and my best friend is 72 and is into her fourth year of Alzheimer’s. We plan on going to car shows and just traveling the back roads of New England with top down and 60's music blasting on our CD's. What was once a love of the Corvette, has now become a love that we both enjoy, a necessity in keeping us young at heart and good therapy for my wife. When I hit the gas and hear the loud pipes I laugh at life for that split 5.9 seconds that it takes to hit 60, and as in the past 56 years Diane yells slow down. Life has many curves that it can throw at you but they are a hell of a lot more fun in a Red 1988 Corvette that can hug those curves. If you see a Red 1988 Corvette with top down and 60's music blasting it may be us. I almost forgot (pun intended) you do meet nice people that drive Corvettes. Take care and drive safely.

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