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My Dream Dropped

Alan Walpole

It was always my dream to own a Corvette. In 2007 while visiting family in Tehachapi, California I finally did it - I bought an original 1976 Stingray Coupe.

As I live in Australia it took six months to have the car transported to my home and then another five years to restore the car to its former glory, using all parts from Mid America Motorworks.

Two years ago we moved from mainland Australia to Norfolk Island located in the South Pacific. Without question the Corvette came with us. The journey for the car went from Australia via New Zealand, where while moving my Vette from the wharf to the smaller coastal vessel it was dropped from quite a height off the crane and down to the wharf.

Every body panel damaged except for the T tops. We cried when we saw it but we were determined to return the car to how we knew it. I have stripped the car completely and painfully repairing every part including the bent chassis. There is a long way to go but I am determined to have my Stingray back to how it was.

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